About Hanabusa Ryokan

“Ryokan,” a Japanese stay style renowned worldwide. The Hanabusa Ryokan is a traditional Japanese ryokan. At Hanabusa, you may enjoy a variety of things Japanese, such as “Japanese meals,” “hot springs,” “traditional Japanese rooms,” “Japanese gardens,” “pottery,” and “geisha.” You may reach The Hanabusa from Tokyo in one and a half hours by rail, or in about 2 and a half hours by car. Also easily accessible from other major cities in Japan.


JR (to Izu-Nagaoka Station on the Izu-Hakone Railway)
■About 1 and a half hours from Tokyo Station.
■About 2 and a half hours from Nagoya Station
■About 3 hours and 20 minutes from Osaka Station
■About 3 hours from Kyoto Station
■About 2 hours and 10 minutes from Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport.

“Hanabusa” in the Izu-Nagaoka Spa is located best for sightseeing in Izu.
Izu-Nagaoka has the “Nirayama Reverberating Furnace,” a world cultural heritage registered in July, 2015, and a look from Mt. Katsuragi commands an exquisite view of “Mt. Fuji,” also a world cultural heritage.
On a tour north, you may enjoy fresh sea food at the “Numazu port,” as well as watching hot water springing out from fountains at the bottom of the Kakitagawa River.
On a southern-bound tour, there are very popular sightseeing spots, such as streets of bamboo rows in “Shuzenji,” the “Falls of Joren” and the “Nakaizu Winery” in Amagi. A west-bound tour brings you to sea bathing sites like “Mito” and “Oose,” while on an east-bound tour you may visit fishing ports in Ito, or renowned golf courses in Kawana. May we suggest your planning Izu sightseeing travels on a seasonal basis?


Having a wealth of high-season foods available in Izu-Nagaoka, we offer local fishes from the Suruga Bay or best-seasonal choices from all over Japan, with cooking right on the day of your stay. Here you have the luxury of good taste and the best-season fishes cooked by our experienced cooks.
Moreover, we have a full-time sommelier, who will help you select your favorite wines as well as wines which will best match the meals you order.


We are attentive in creating a space fully satisfactory to our guests, from standard, fully Japanese rooms to modern Japanese ones with open-air baths. Spacy rooms, made of style-conscious building materials, ensure a relaxed environment.

Bed Rooms
Bed rooms are available for the guests who are not comfortable with “futon,” or Japanese bedding. This ensures sleeping in your own style in the Japanese atmosphere.

All-rooms and lobby, free wi-fi.

Free Wi-Fi


The hot spa here is an alkalescent spring gushing out in abundance. Featuring transparent, no-taste, and no-smell, this alkali hot spring in Izu-Nagaoka has skin-clearing and warming effects. The water constantly keeps a “more than 90 per cent” source content. Thus, our springs have a reputation for a moist skin, called in Japanese, a “yuagari bijin,”or a bath-polished beauty.
For those who are not comfortable with bathing in a grand bath, we have a “family bath,” available without reservations. You may enjoy a fully private bath as a family or a couple.


Every guest to stay at our ryokan may experience a pottery class. Even a beginner may enjoy making ceramics under good guidance of our instructors. This pottery making experience is under a full-reservation system, with reservations to be made 5 days before the date of your stay. It costs yen 3,600 or over per person. (Ceramics you made are fired and forwarded to you later. Transportation cost is to the participant’s account.) As a souvenir, how about trying on traditional Japanese ceramics?


Cancellations of reservations.

  1. You may directly contact us by phone or e-mail.
  2. Where you need cancellation of your reservations for your own reasons, after a passage of a certain period of time, a fee is chargeable under the terms below. However, changing the date of stay et., al., in a sufficient time does not involve cancellation fees.
  3. In the cases of non-arrivals until 7 p.m. on the day of stays or no notifications on arrivals after 7 p.m., this will be regarded as cancellations for reasons on the part of guests, being subject to a 100 percent charge.

Cancellation charges.

PersonsNon-arrivalScheduled Date1 day before2 days3 days5 days

*Percentages are pro rata to room charges.
*In the cases where you shorten days of stays, we charge cancellation fees accordant to shortened days.